I am currently in my third year of a BSc in Computer Science at the University of Kent. My final year project focuses on incremental parsers (a type of parser that updates the parse tree based on changes to a file, rather than reparsing the entire file).

So far my degree has involved working with Java and Erlang, basic algorithms, web development, databases, project management and software engineering, and the basic theory of computer architecture and operating system design. This year I will be studying how computer networks function, basic cryptography and computer security, embedded devices (the "Internet of Things"), computer graphics, and programming language design and implementation.

I currently have two plans for the future, and am currently assessing which is accessible to me. My first plan is to take a MSc Health Informatics course at UCL, and then take a BSc in Mental Health Nursing at Canterbury Christ Church. My second plan is to take a BSc in Clinical Psychology at the University of Kent, and then take a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Canterbury Christ Church after the appropriate work experience.