The Haven

I volunteer as a Support and Operations Moderator on The Haven, a charity dedicated to providing peer support to those suffering from mental illness. I spend approximately 20-28 hours a week performing my duties, though The Haven is quite flexible on hours and the workload is fairly light, enabling me to multitask on my own projects.

My duties as a Support Moderator involve overseeing The Haven's support service and actively taking part within the service as a supporter when I am able to. I'm also responsible for taking session notes and closing rooms, and distributing feedback anonymously to supporters. I'm also required to ensure supporters are performing their role to the best of their ability. Additionally, my role requires me to handle crisis situations and provide emotional support, and filing the appropriate reports on users we're unable to help.

My duties as an Operations Moderator involve ensuring that The Haven is a safe and constructive environment for recovery. I am required to keep an eye out for anything that breaks the community rules of The Haven, and handle disciplinary actions. I'm also required to mediate arguments between users, ensure discussion takes place in appropriate locations, and take users aside in situations which require it. Additionally part of my role requires me to oversee disciplinary sessions and actions taken by trainee moderators.